Haycarb is on the cutting edge of activated carbon technology. We design and manufacture custom carbons that meet the stringent quality requirements.

Haycarb places vital importance in product quality when serving our customer needs. We have a strong in house team of R&D personnel consisting of over 20 chemists and chemical engineers, committed to ensure highest product quality. Therefore, all our product offerings are backed by a R&D team available on site at each of our manufacturing locations in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Our R&D laboratories are equipped with up-to-date, state of the art equipment to carry out standard and special testing of carbon. Our highly qualified chemists are specially trained to conduct all standard analyses and testing required to ensure optimal quality of our range of products, as well as all special application-related testing requirements for our customers with specialized carbon needs.

Some of the equipment and special testing capabilities of our labs include:

  1.  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, used to determine:
    • Metal constituents in carbon (Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Ni, Cr, Al, As, Sb, Cu, Mo, Si, Ag, etc)
    • Gold adsorption capacity
    • Gold adsorption rate
    • NSF & Prop-65 competency of carbon
  2. Surface Area Analyzer, to determine:
    • Surface area (Langmuir, BET, etc…)
    • Pore volume
    • Pore size
  3. ONH Analyzer
  4. Sulfur Analyzer
  5. Ion Selective Electrode meter to determine Chloride, Fluoride contents
  6. Nitrate and Nitrite content of activated carbon
  7. Turbidity meter
  8. Sulfur analyzer
  9. Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzers
  10. Particle size determination by Sonic shifter
  11. Ignition Temperature of Carbon

Additionally, our in house R&D team provides a range of services to our customers, not limited to:

  • Carbon testing
  • Carbon recommendation
  • System analysis and consultation
  • Performance analysis of carbons




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