The ultra-purity of Haycarb Activated Carbon for medical and pharmaceutical applications has made a name for itself in the industry. Our specialty series products are highly sorted after for the treatment of poison ingestion, purification in the manufacture of therapeutics and additives, recovery of solvents and dialysis applications amongst many other purification requirements in this industry.

The ultra-purity, consistent particle size distribution, dynamic adsorption characteristics and optimum pore geometry formulated through advance manufacturing efforts allows removal of a wide range of contaminants including odorous compounds, light and dark colors, color precursors and proteins. Our Carbons are also used in the final polishing stages to remove residual and trace colors and odors. Additionally, we offer these purification solutions in a wide range of particle size distributions and forms ranging from powder to granular and extrudates.


Activated Carbon has long been used as an antidote for poisons due to its capacity to eliminate toxic elements and compounds by adsorption mechanisms. Haycarb offers premium Activated Carbon that meets requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia for the adsorption of ingested poisons. These products not only are of ultra-high purity but are also of extremely high adsorption capacity showing high effectiveness at low dosages.
Activated Carbon for POISON ADSORPTION


Failure of kidneys is fatal to humans. Patients with acute disturbances in kidney function or chronic kidney disease undergo dialysis, the treatment which artificially replaces the functions of the kidney. Haycarb Activated Carbon provided for this application meets 3 essential criteria: Minimal release of soluble ions that do not affect the semi permeable membrane, meet the optimum Iodine number that helps maintain low monochloramine levels in the water used to produce dialysate and achieve near neutral pH levels. These specially designed carbons using in-house R&D muscle show very high kinetics in removing Chlorines/Chloramines as well as other contaminant species present in the water. Along with our standard product range we also offer customizable solutions, R&D support and well as engineering assistance to supply you a solution matching your exact requirement.
Activated Carbon for DIALYSIS


Haycarb offers a range of high purity Activated Carbon products for the purification of therapeutics, additive and other pharmaceutical products. Our products are the best choice for decolorization and purification application in antibiotics. These Carbons are tailor made complying with the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia to remove light and dark colors as well as color precursors in addition to the trace impurities in the production of antibiotics such as Penicillin. In the production of Vitamins such as A, D, E, K, B, C, H and Folic Acid, Haycarb Activated Carbon products are highly sorted after for their unparalleled decolorization abilities and trace contaminant removal capacities. In addition to our standard offering we also offer technical and R&D support in developing products to suit your exact requirement.
Activated Carbon for THERAPEUTICS and ADDITIVES


Usage of solvents such as Methylene Chloride, petroleum ether and THF (Tetrahydrofuran) is common in many pharmaceutical applications where solvents are used in drug manufacture, as a reaction medium, for extractions as well as purification. Haycarb Activated Carbon products play a significant role in purifying and recovering these solvents. These products have specialized lattice structures to adsorb solvent particles efficiently and effectively. Haycarb while providing the optimal Carbon type for your requirement also designs equips and installs a complete recovery system to suit your specific needs. We will recommend the most suitable grades to use, depending on the type of solvent used and the process conditions.
Activated Carbon for SOLVENTS



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