The petrochemical industry is composed of many applications that require Activated Carbon as an adsorbate Haycarb products are industry recognized for oil and hydrocarbon sweeting where contaminants such as mercaptans are removed. In addition, we offer specialized low silica products for boiler condensate de-oiling and purification as well as tailor made products with selective adsorption and desorption properties for pressure swing applications.

Our products are also sorted after for gas scrubbers to effectively remove H2S and CO2 from the process feed to make the feed more anticorrosive and more thermodynamically stable. In natural gas production and purification, Haycarb Activated Carbon products are used for the removal of sulfur compounds, mercury, contaminant organics and other impurities found in gas streams.


Removing sulfur containing compounds such as mercaptans from petroleum oils and gas is a growing demand not only due environmental and pollution concerns but also due to the highly corrosive and malodorous nature. Haycarb offers an Activated Carbon solution for this concern with our precision developed products for hydrocarbon sweetening. Our products are engineered for to be used as a catalytic carrier for hydrocarbon sweetening and for catalytic extraction of mercaptans and other Sulfur containing products from light and heavier refinery products. In addition, our products are geared to adsorb other trace contaminants in the Hydrocarbon mixture at the same time. This total adsorption solution provided by Haycarb Activated Carbons is industry recognized as effective, efficient and guaranteed Carbon solution.


Water used as condensate boiler feed requires very high purification standards. Fresh water from municipal supply or any other source may contain Chlorine and organic contaminants which can damage ion-exchange resins for water treatment whilst recirculated condensate water may be contaminated with various oils, Hydrocarbons and other organics and inorganics from machine wear and tear. Haycarb Activated Carbons successfully remove these various contaminants in both fresh and recycled water, de-oiling the condensate and purifying the water flow, thus effectively protecting the ion exchange resins and other sensitive equipment from damage and deterioration. Silica, a common fouling agent in standard coal and coconut based Activated Carbons can also damage ion exchange resins, boiler tubes and turbine blades and therefore our products for boiler feed water treatment are designed to have the lowest silica and ash levels resulting in significant improvement of machinery lifetime while minimizing the maintenance costs.
Activated Carbon for BOILER CONDENSATE


Haycarb Activated Carbons for petrochemical industry also includes products for the purifications of gas treatment chemicals such as Amines. These chemicals adsorb H2S and CO2 from natural gas, a process known as gas sweetening. We offer tailor made granular Activated Carbons for the purification of amines by adsorbing degradation products, surfactants, organic acids and other corrosive contaminants. The optimum pore size and particle size distributions of our Carbons facilitate the effective adsorption of these contaminants ensuring higher quality and longer life time in operation.
Activated Carbon for GAS SCRUBBERS


Usage of Activated Carbon in natural gas production and purification applications have gained immense popularity within the past few years, especially considering the major role it plays in the adsorption of mercury, a dangerous contaminant.  While our GAC Products are used for the removal of Sulfur compounds, Mercury, contaminant organics and other impurities found in natural gas streams, our specialized Sulfur impregnated pellet Carbons are industry recognized for the superior Mercury loading capacities demonstrated. Haycarb high surface area Activated Carbon products are used in the natural gas industry is for Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology to store the natural gas efficiently and economically. Haycarb’s special range of Activated Carbons can store Methane (the main constituent in natural gas) at a lower storage pressure, which reduces the cost of compression and the cost of the storage vessel, and presents less of a safety hazard.


Hydrocarbon vapor recovery units are used for vapor control at gasoline bulk storages and unloading operations. These units operate in gas streams highly saturated with gasoline requiring special adsorbates.  Haycarb has developed a novel range of Activated Carbons for the preferential adsorption and desorption of target molecules from gaseous mixtures in vapor recovery units (VRUs). Our products facilitate robust adsorption of large quantities of gasoline from the air streams, remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while facilitating efficient desorption where necessary. In addition, Haycarb Activated Carbon products carry very low level of dust and has high intrinsic hardness which makes them effective, and long-life cycle solutions for gasoline recovery in VRU’s.



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