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Haycarb Activated Carbon Air series has special focus on protecting humans against toxic fumes and other gases presenting a multitude of products for personal protection.  We offer standard and impregnated grades of carbon for A, B, E, K, ABE, and ABEK type respirators for use in industrial operations, military applications and consumer applications including face masks.  These products are manufactured with special considerations to remove organic contaminants, VOC, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, arsine,  hosphine, formaldehyde, and other acid gases as well as alkali gases including ammonia and amine through both physisorption and chemisorption showing enhanced capacity to remove contaminants from air pathways. This dual adsorption feature of Haycarb activated carbon combined with carefully controlled and consistent particle size distribution and pore structure is industry recognized. We continue to invest in R & D to develop new and customized products in this series ensured to meet the stringent requirements of the NIOSH certification.

Industrial respirators

Haycarb activated carbons act as superior adsorbent agents for removing noxious gases and vapors from contaminated air streams in industrial applications and environments. Our specially impregnated carbons used in this range are effective in neutralizing and/or scavenging toxic agents including, but not limited to, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde and ammonia. Our specialized range of carbons for industrial respirator canisters includes types A, B, E, K, and all-purpose ABEK. We are able to offer customized products in this series ensured to meet the requirements of the NIOSH certification.

Military applications

Haycarb activated carbon products for military applications which include military suits, masks and respirators (first responder masks, individual masks and collective protection filters) are extremely effective against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear fallouts (CBRN). This range of carbons is designed to protect against chemical weapons as well as eliminate blood agents such as hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride and arsine, nerve agent, Sarin, and tear agent Chloropicrin. We also offer a range of carbons for use in military tanks, vehicular and bunker air filters for protection against toxic materials. In addition to our standard range of products, we develop tailor made products for specialized requirements.

Personal respirators and face masks

Haycarb activated carbons for the air series are geared to protect civilians against most industrial air contaminants (including organic vapors, acid gases and alkaline fumes) sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, NIOSH gases and a wide range of other irritants.

We also supply our own brand of individual face masks - Oxypura. Oxypura air purifying face masks are used to remove a wide variety of gaseous and particulate contaminants, bad odors and organic vapors. Unlike other masks in the market, Oxypura masks contain both activated carbon and particulate filters, providing multi-layered protection against atmospheric pollutants. They are designed to be compact, light-weight and comfortable to wear.

Our Oxypura face mask range features three masks, customized for different applications:

  • Oxypura City - Customized to protect motorcyclists and pedestrians from harmful vehicle emissions.
  • Oxypura Agro - Ideal for farmers and plantation/horticultural workers exposed to various agrochemicals
  • Oxypura Industrial - Designed for those exposed to various gases, solvents and particulates (factory workers, painters, carpenters). Industrial masks are also available with an additional activated carbon filter (Industrial Super) and with a Velcro strap (Industrial Super Special).

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, Oxypura developed and launched Oxypura CARE, a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by offering a locally owned and locally manufactured face covering as the preferred choice of PPE for Sri Lankans. Oxypura Face Masks are manufactured in compliance with European standards combining local technology with superior raw material, alongside our very own Sri Lankan coconut shell-based activated carbon. Our product range is tested by a number of local and international laboratories and we are proud to be the only brand in Sri Lanka with a reusable product that has a Virus Filtration Efficiency greater than 98% and Bacteria Filtration Efficiency greater than 99%. 

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