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Activated carbon is a cost effective long term solution for the treatment of industrial and municipal waste water. Haycarb offers a specially developed product series for waste water treatment comprising of granular and powder activated carbon grades with extensive pore networks and specialized surface characteristics. The excellent adsorption properties of our products together with the ideal distribution of micro and meso pores allows the adsorption of a multitude of contaminants of large, medium and small molecular sizes.

Our products are effective and efficient in removing dissolved organics contributing to BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TOC (Total Organic Content) and other contaminants potentially toxic to humans and environment such as mercury, phenolics and colored bodies from process effluent water, landfill leachate, contaminated groundwater, washing effluent water, industrial waste water and gray water being the model filtration medium to meet stringent environment regulations.

Effluent water treatment

Haycarb offers the best activated carbon solutions for purification requirements in effluent water treatment. Our recommended granular and powder carbon products for this application are geared for effective removal of all formulaic organic contaminants in industrial, municipal and household waste water contributing to toxicity, high BOD, COD and TOC values, development of undesired color and odor, and inhibiting biological treatment systems.

In addition we offer a novel range of products developed through R&D efforts to cater to your special and specific adsorption requirements either to treat the total water flow or to be used to remove specific contaminants as a part of a multi-stage approach to effluent treatment. In addition to general organics and VOCs these innovative products effectively adsorb heavy metals such as mercury, sulfated compounds, halogenated compounds, carcinogens, polycyclic hydrocarbons, Aromatic compounds including phenol and bis-phenol A (BPA), oils, dyes and color precursors from process effluent water, washing effluent water particularly car washing, industrial waste water, landfill leachate and gray water. Haycarb carbons are predominantly popular in the paper, textile, polymer and petrochemical industries worldwide for waste water treatment – a fine testament to the performance of our activated carbon products.

Mercury & heavy metal removal

Mercury and heavy metal contamination in waste water is one of the global scale growing concerns. Haycarb offers a solution for this emergent problem with our tailor-made activated carbon products for scavenging Mercury and heavy metals in waste water. The engineered distribution of pores and modifications across the carbon surface makes them the ideal adsorbent material to remove mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals from contaminated waste water. These specialized products can be customized to be used in a standard alone system, as part of a reverse osmosis system or a multistage approach to water treatment.

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