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Does your swimming pool water look clean, safe and inviting? Is the aquarium supporting a controlled environment for the marine life?

One sure way to answer yes to both these questions is to use Haycarb activated carbon in your swimming pool and aquarium water filters. Our products with their large pore network and superior adsorption capabilities are renowned for removing chloramines and dissolved organics in swimming pool and aquarium water. They excel in resisting changes in the aquarium environments by adsorbing pollutant chemicals and algal toxins.

Haycarb tailor made products for swimming pools and aquarium water filters are designed to remove disinfection by-products including trihalomethanes (THM), chloramines, excess ozone, and compounds irritant to eyes and respiratory organs of swimmers. This NSF certified product range combined with our in house R & D and engineering expertise is your ideal solution to having clean, safe swimming pools and aquariums.


Organisms in aquaria are extremely sensitive to even minute changes in their micro environment. Haycarb supplies a custom designed range of carbons to maintain the carefully controlled conditions of aquaria environment by adsorbing contaminants, colored compounds, decomposed organics and even trace level of residuals of disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramine.

The superior performance of our carbons is trusted by large scale aquaria to individual ornamental fish enthusiasts to remove these molecular species detrimental to the survival of aquatic organisms. In addition, our customers have the added benefit of minimum contaminant addition to the aquaria environment given the high purity and low phosphate content of Haycarb Activated carbon products.

Swimming Pool Filters

Due to their disinfectant properties both chlorine and ozone are applied to swimming pools to maintain microbial safety of the water. The residual levels of these disinfectants can create eye irritation and a bad smell. In addition, these disinfectants can form by products such as Trihalomethanes (THMs) which are environment pollutants as well as carcinogens.

Haycarb activated carbon products have been used for many years for the treatment of swimming pool water to remove these detrimental compounds. The performance consistency and unique product features have made our products, the trusted and sort-after activated carbon solutions by end users worldwide.

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