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Potable or drinking water is a commodity with stringent requirements of being safe and pure. Haycarb’s range of Granular Activated Carbons (GACs) and Powder Activated Carbons (PACs) is your ideal solution in making drinking water free from taste and odor forming compounds such as MIB and geosmin, undesired colors, endocrine disrupting compounds and other micropollutants, chlorinated hydrocarbons, Trihalomethanes and other disinfection byproducts, VOCs, pesticides and their byproducts.

We offer high quality, standard, and specially processed products complying with NSF 61, NSF 42, PROP 65 certifications with low dechlorination half values, superior flow characteristics, consistent particle size distributions to facilitate pressure drop and adsorption kinetics requirements, extensive pore structures with an ideal balance of both adsorption and transport pores, and high mechanical strength resulting in minimal operational and pressure drop issues. These superior features have made our granular carbon products the industry choice for Point of Use (POU) and Point of Entry (POE) water filters. We also offer a specialized range of products including silver impregnated carbon for bacteriostatic applications and catalytic carbons for chloramine, iron, and hydrogen sulfide removal.

Municipality water treatment

In the treatment of municipal water, removal of organics including VOCs, inorganics and toxins inherent in the rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other surface water sources and ground water systems is essential. Haycarb has introduced a tailor made series of products for surface and ground water treatment in municipality water treatment systems to deliver consistent performance in removing these contaminants.

These products are also geared to adsorb hazardous pesticide and herbicide residues, chlorinated hydrocarbons, disinfectant byproducts, inhibitory compounds for biological treatment systems, non-biodegradable organic compounds, and undesired colored and smell compounds. Our carbons are effective in lowering of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Organic Content (TOC) and toxicity. In addition, the high purity of the carbon products prevents the release of contaminants that may damage sensitive membrane systems used in other in-process filtration systems. We also offer custom designed products and total purification solutions to best suit your requirement.

General water filters

Activated carbon filtration is a widely used mechanism of purifying water for drinking purposes. Haycarb provides a broad spectrum of products for this purification requirement, tailor made to have effective adsorption capacities and rapid reaction kinetics. Our products provide the optimal pore structure to allow contaminants the maximum exposure to adsorption sites in the carbon lattice. We also offer special surface modified products for the removal of specific target contaminants such as chlorines, chloramines, sulfur compounds, MIB and geosmin, undesired colors, endocrine disrupting compounds and other micropollutants.

Our standard and specially processed products comply with NSF 61, NSF 42, PROP 65 certifications showcasing low dechlorination half values, best flow characteristics, consistent particle size distributions to facilitate pressure drop requirements, and high mechanical strength resulting in minimum operational issues.

Filter cartridges and carbon block

Water filters, filter cartridges and carbon blocks are one of the most widely and effectively used water filtration technologies. Haycarb has been a pioneer in providing carbon solutions in Point Of Use (POU) and Point Of Entry (POE) filters in industrial and home water filter applications with our carbons being the ideal purification agent in removing toxic contaminants, organic and inorganic micropollutants, high chlorine levels, and undesired taste, color and odor forming compounds. Haycarb follows a state of the art manufacturing processes with controlled kiln conditions and ultramodern milling technologies.

This cutting edge technology produces a specialized range of carbon products with the ideal balance of both adsorption and transport pores, low ash, low dust, low Iron and low Chloride features, high mechanical strength, unique and consistent particle size distributions resulting in minimum operational and pressure drop issues and enhanced mechanical filtration. In addition we are able to provide specialized carbon products with surface modifications and impregnations (meeting USEPA leaching standards) for effective removal of specific target contaminants such as chloramines Mercury, Cadmium and other heavy metals, sulfur compounds and for bacteriostatic action. 

Chloramine removal

Chloramine, a drinking water disinfectant affects the quality of water in terms of taste and odor, while being a health hazard in high concentrations. It is also a difficult contaminant to remove at the point of use. This calls for a special selection of catalytic activated carbons. Haycarb’s R&D arm has developed a distinctive selection of catalytic carbon products with very high reaction kinetic for the removal of chloramines from potable water which are specially designed to carry a large number of catalytic sights compared to products from other carbon suppliers to react with and remove different types of chloramines, including monochloramine.

This product series includes carbons customizable for your exact pressure drop and particle size requirement and to support your existing operation conditions. The high efficiency and consistent performance demonstrated by these products extend the bed life of the carbon whilst cutting short the required contact time, and the size of the equipment which is translated into reduced cost for you.

Bacteriostatic filters

Most filter media, though effective in adsorbing contaminant chemicals are also effective media for the development of biofilms of bacteria. Recognizing this problem, Haycarb offers the perfect solution – silver impregnated activated carbon filter media with bacteriostatic action. We offer a diverse array of silver based antimicrobial agent impregnated products ranging from 0.05% silver and up to 1.05% or specialty levels to suit your requirement.

These products also effectively adsorb other contaminants whiles continuously fighting the proliferation of bacteria throughout the entirety of the products’ life cycle being a total solution for your purification requirement. Our silver impregnated bacteriostatic activated carbon products are offered in a granular and pellets sizes and are customizable to support your systems and operation conditions.

Soil Water Treatment

Due to extensive usage of organic and inorganic compounds in agriculture, the soil water in some areas is highly polluted. Removing these contaminants, mostly VOCs and chlorinated hydrocarbons which are in a very stable state in soil water, has become an enormous task. As a remediation, Haycarb Activated Carbons are recommended for use either as a stand-alone treatment unit or in conjunction with other treatment units as a part of a multistage system.

Our carbons are capable of reducing TOC (Total Organic Carbons), TOX (Total Organic Halides), VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and DOC (Dissolved Organic Compounds) in soil water. Haycarb Activated Carbon technology and assurance of quality ensures a consistently high performance in terms of capacity, rate of adsorption and long working life in the circuit.

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