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Haycarb’s activated carbon product portfolio extends to the nuclear industry as well. We supply a range of products for a diverse range of applications in this industry customizable as per your exact requirement and certification standards. Our products for nuclear applications including radioactive iodine and methyl iodine removal as well as usage in nuclear delay beds, are precision manufactured to have unparalleled quality, consistent performance and proven safety record. The carefully engineered pore structure and surface chemistries of these activated carbons facilitates outstanding adsorption capabilities offering a comprehensive purification and adsorption solution.

Radio iodine and methyliodide removal

The consequences of a failure or collapse of a nuclear power generating plant can have catastrophic effects, both short and long term on humans and the environment. Haycarb has the capability to respond to such critical situations with our premium coconut shell based activated carbon grades for water and air treatment that effectively removes contaminants such as Radioactive Iodine – 131 and its isotopes. These products of standard range and impregnated carbons have been proven successful when used in different systems throughout the world. We recommend our granular activated carbons for POU/ POE water treatment and powder carbons for large scale water treatment systems. Our special impregnated product series have been proven 99% effective on removal of radioactive iodine in air treatment applications such as filtration systems and personnel protection appliances including gas masks.

Nuclear delay beds

Gaseous Xenon and Krypton are common radioactive fission products released from nuclear power reactors during their operation. These gaseous products are not fully miscible with the coolant and hence can get released to the environment. Haycarb activated carbon products are the ideal solutions to limit the radiation exposure to the public from these radioactive contaminants. Our tailor made products for this application are used in off-gas treatment systems and are engineered to scavenge and remove these volatile fission products. In addition to superior products we also offer our R&D and engineering strengths to give you a total solution that matches your systems and operation conditions.

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