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Haycarb Specialty series activated carbon includes a multitude of products for the chemical processing industry mostly focusing on the fertilizer, organic acids and inorganic chemicals manufacturing. We offer purification solutions for different stages in the manufacturing process from raw materials, through intermediates to the end products. The superior adsorption features and surface engineered modifications of these products facilitate the adsorption of contaminants molecules of diverse sizes and properties. Supplying of superior performing, customizable products for many years has made Haycarb an industry leader to offer an activated carbon product portfolio for chemical processing purification requirements.

Fertilizer & agrochemicals

Fertilizer production incorporates several purification steps in the manufacturing process in order to remove organics and other contaminant species. Haycarb Specialty series offers a range of products for this purification requirement with a multitude of adsorption capacities, particle size distributions and purity levels. Decades of experience in the field of activated carbon has made us the masters of product customization enabling us to offer you products to match your exact requirement, production system and operational conditions.  

Organic chemicals

In the manufacture of organic acids such as citric acid, lactic acid, tannic acid and other industrially important organics such as polyols, particularly pentaerythritol, activated carbon plays significant roles as agents for decolorization and purification. Haycarb offers tailor made activated carbon solutions as effective decolorization and purification agents for these industries. Our products exhibit the optimum pore size distribution to facilitate the adsorption of impurities and colored bodies of an array of molecular weights. In addition our products are available with customizable surface characteristics, particle sizes and pH levels. 

Inorganic/Polymer chemicals

Haycarb activated carbons of the specialty series offers an array of products optimized for purification challenges in the inorganic chemical industry including electroplating, hydrochloric acid production and phosphoric acid production. In electroplating, our products are geared to scavenge accumulated contaminant organics and metal finishing residues. Haycarb activated carbons have proven effective and efficient adsorption characteristics in removing a wide range of contaminants in this application area. We also offer carbon solutions for purification requirements in liquid chemicals and their by-products. Our solutions for this industry are popularly used for the removal of trace organics and other contaminants in hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

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