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Almost all industrial processes release toxic fumes and hazardous gases which need to be captured and removed. Haycarb offers a range of activated carbon products specially manufactured for the treatment of flue gases, removal of Mercury vapor and treatment of other industrial waste gases in order to meet stringent environmental regulations and other control parameters.  Emissions from incinerator systems (primarily Dioxins, Furans and volatile Mercury) if left untreated, pose a serious threat to public health. We offer tailor made products for the removal of these specific contaminants in purifying the exhaust air streams. The carefully controlled particle size, superior adsorption characteristics, specialized surface modifications and impregnations allow Haycarb activated carbon products to give superior performance in comparison other purification solutions available.

Flue gas treatment

Flue gas emissions from Incinerator systems utilized for disposing of municipal solid waste, medical and clinical wastes, fluorescent light recycling and industrial and hazardous waste are on the rise globally. Emissions from these incinerator systems (primarily Dioxins and Furans, as well as volatile Mercury and other heavy metals), if left untreated, pose a serious threat to public health. Haycarb offers total purification solutions for the treatment of flue gas emissions tailor made to remove low concentrations of toxic dioxin, mercury and other trace elements.

Our specially processed powdered activated carbons (PAC) with optimum pore size distributions and superior adsorption features is a simple, economical and user-friendly technology to control emissions in existing as well as new flue gas treatment systems. The process yields an efficiency rate of over 99.9% for Dioxin removal and 98% for mercury. Our service package not only supplies carbons with effective adsorption of the contaminant molecules to meet stringent regulatory requirements but also include engineering and R&D assistance to address the total system operations.

Industrial waste gases

Haycarb Activated Carbon Air series offer a superior product range to effectively remove a wide range of contaminants from industrial air emissions. The diversity of our products facilitates treatment of the total flow or removal of specific contaminants as part of a multi-stage approach to effluent treatment. Being an ideal solution to meet stringent environmental regulations, Haycarb products effectively remove Total Hydrocarbons (THC), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as Chlorobenzene, Acrylonitrile, Styrene Polymer, BAPP and Tri Phenyl Phosphate as the major constituents, Non Methyl Hydrocarbons (NMHC) and Phenols and Bis-Phenol A (BPA).

Considering the practical difficulty in identifying the components in industrial gas streams we offer both multi-component adsorption solutions as well as pilot trials at customer plants for new processes to help reconfirm estimations to determine the mass transfer zone curve and saturation capacity for the total gas stream at the breakthrough level of a single constituent in multi-constituent gas flow streams.

Mercury vapor removal

Globally the main source of electrical power in the world is coal based. One of the major pollutants from coal based power generation is the release of mercury vapor that is present in trace amounts in the coal used to fuel these power plants. The USA has initiated new legislation to bring in tighter regulations from 2009, on the release of mercury vapor from coal power generation.

Haycarb has developed activated carbon products to meet this purification challenge and has intensified its focus on expanding its production and sourcing capabilities to meet the growing customer requirement for our specialized carbons in the USA and worldwide. Our products tailor made for mercury adsorption is your ideal solution in controlling mercury emission to meet the mandatory environmental regulations enforced.

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