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Solvent recovery

Adhesive manufacturing, dry cleaning, magnetic media production, rotogravure printing, synthetic fiber production, and medical dressing production are some of the industrial which use organic solvents in their processes. These solvents have very high evaporative tendencies under the operating conditions. Haycarb’s activated carbon range includes products capable of recovering acetone, cyclohexane, carbon disulfide, toluene and methyl ethyl ketone, solvents that are regularly used in many of these industries. These products specially designed for solvent recovery applications effectively adsorb solvent particles to the carbon lattice and efficiently desorb under pressurized steam to be reused in the production cycle. Haycarb while providing the optimal carbon type for your process, also designs, equips and installs a complete recovery system to suit your specific needs. We will recommend the most suitable grades to use, depending on the type of solvent used and the process conditions.

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