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Sewage air treatment

Over the years, nuisance odors produced in sewage treatment plants caused mainly by hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur components have become a major concern. These gases, due to high toxicity, corrosiveness, and other adverse effects on health and environment are essential to be removed from air prior to releasing to the environment. Haycarb range of activated carbons for sewage air treatment have been designed to remove these highly malodorous and pungent odors released in pumping stations, primary clarifies and filter press rooms of sewage treatment plants.

Our carbon is manufactured using a proprietary process that ensures the best hydrogen sulfide removal capacity at different process conditions while eliminating the risk of bed fire caused by heat released during chemisorption. Unlike competitor products, Haycarb carbon will not disintegrate in wet conditions and therefore is a better suited choice for sewage treatment applications. The use of coconut shell carbon further increase capacity to also adsorb organic compounds. This product is therefore an economical and safe solution to eliminate these nuisance odors and can be customized to ensure a best fit solution for you. 

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