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Haycarb activated carbon solutions are ideal in removing nuisance odors, organics, vehicle exhaust fumes, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases that enter through the ventilation and air conditioning systems. If these air streams are not purified, the contaminants carried by them can accumulate to reach harmful levels. We supply activated carbons with superior butane and toluene capacity to OEM manufacturers of cabin air filters, air filters for libraries, museums and archives, control room corrosive contaminant removal, equipment filters and pressure swing adsorption. The hallmark of our reputation lies in the quality and consistency of our product, total technical back-up services supported by a very strong engineering, and R&D arm and our belief in the value of working together with our customers to arrive at an effective solution.

Circulation air filters

Haycarb supplies a diverse array of air treatment carbons for treatment of fresh and re-circulated air for odor control and removal of organic and inorganic contaminants. Our activated carbon products are ideal for use in general ventilation systems or air conditioning in large complexes, underground stations, underwater recreational areas, aircraft, submarine air filtration, and in laboratories. Inlet air in control rooms and other enclosed areas in industries where there is potential contamination of the air by corrosive gases such as sulfur dioxide that can affect sensitive electronic equipment while accumulation of which can be a health hazard also calls for Haycarb carbons as a purification solution.

We provide a tried-and-tested range of products for air treatment in libraries, museums and archives where the main contaminants formaldehyde and acid gasses (hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide) are removed from the air streams. We also offer products for the purification of acidic gases mainly from vehicular pollution that finds its way into enclosed sensitive areas such as libraries and museums, where it accelerates the oxidation process causing damage to books and artifacts. In light of these specific application requirements, Haycarb has developed a range of carbons supported by a very strong engineering and R&D arm to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Control room corrosive contaminant removal

Haycarb activated carbon products also focus on corrosive contaminant removal applications in control rooms. In both granular and extruded forms, our carbons are used to treat inlet air in control rooms and other enclosed areas in industries where there is potential contamination of the air by corrosive gasses such as sulfur dioxide. These gasses can affect sensitive electronic equipment and pose a health hazard and hence need to be removed from the air streams opened to such controlled environments. We also offer specialized products developed through rigorous surface modifications for control room corrosive contaminants removal which are industry recognized for superior adsorption and effective scavenging of contaminant air particles.  

Air filters for equipment

A multitude of equipment contains air filters for the removal of volatile organics and other contaminant particles found in gaseous streams. Haycarb offers diverse products to be used for odor removal, organics adsorption and toxin extraction in kitchen hoods, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and photocopiers. In addition to our standard granular product range we also offer specialized products for target contaminant removal such as ozone removal. Our products are available in a wide spectrum of particle size distributions to match your pressure drop requirements. We also offer specialized extruded carbons with high adsorption capacity for efficient removal of target contaminants with a low pressure drop over the filter.

Pressure swing adsorption

Pressure swing adsorption technology is used to separate individual gases from a mixture under pressure considering the affinity of a gas species to an adsorbent material and its molecular characteristics. Haycarb Activated Carbon products have proven to be ideal adsorbents for this application with very high surface areas ensuring high adsorption capacities and selective adsorption and desorption capabilities at different pressures. Our premium products of this range are used in pressure swing applications in large scale commercial synthesis of hydrogen for removing carbon dioxide, in oil refineries for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, to separate nitrogen from methane gas in methane gas processing plants and in the production of ammonia.

Pressure Swing adsorption

Compressed air

Compressed air, often used as the fourth type of utility carries contaminants molecules including oil particles. Activated carbon filters is among the filtration technologies used in purifying compressed air/gas. Haycarb Activated Carbon Air series offers tailor made products for this application. Our products precision designed to scavenge and remove contaminant oil vapors providing the ultimate protection against oil contamination. In addition the superior adsorption capabilities of Haycarb activated carbon allows removal of other micro contaminants present in compressed air proving to be the most effective and efficient adsorption filter medium for compressed air purification.

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