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Sustainability: A way of life, today and tomorrow

We recognize that key impacts whether it is economic, social or environmental needs to be effectively managed in order to ensure risks are mitigated and opportunities availed for our business and the diverse communities we serve across Sri Lanka and the world.  

Our systems are continuously reviewed and aligned to ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint and wastage to drive our growth through a sustainable business model. As a world leader in coconut shell AC, with over 70% of our product being used to purify air and water globally, we take pride in ensuring all our processes are continuously improved so that they are best in class. Haycarb has adopted UN Global Compact Principles on sustainable growth and our Sri Lankan operations are ISO 14001 certified.

An extension of our commitment to the environment is seen through the projects and business paradigm in which Puritas (Pvt) Limited operates, providing turnkey solutions to various industries, including the customized CSR projects we offer in the water distribution, conversation and treatment projects. 

Looking forward, Haycarb remains committed to nurturing our community, locally and globally. Our focus is on creating viable solutions with an emphasis on the environment and sustaining many promising tomorrows. Although our achievements are many and our contribution is felt keenly, we believe this is just the start – the possibilities are endless.

Sustainability Report

Conquering Chronic Kidney Disease: Puritas Sath Diyawara

Puritas (Pvt) Ltd commissioned its first Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in D10 Maithreepura, Padaviya under their CSR project, ‘Puritas Sath Diyawara’ on the 15th of August 2014. Funded, designed and constructed by t...
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Haritha Angara

Haycarb’s Propagation and empowerment of Green Charcoal Manufacturing in Sri Lanka


Haycarb PLC pioneered the Green Charcoaling in Asia, by introducing the patented pollution fre...
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A success story: World First Green Carbon

We are especially proud of Haycarb’s role in Hayley’s recognition in the environment sector. Haycarb’s premium green carbon range is the first of its kind globally and features the lowest carbon footprint available in the...
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